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Going to London? The twin towers of London’s Natural History Museum is a must see.

London boasts of innumerable tourist destinations to which people flock in large numbers all round the year. The Twin Towers of London’s Natural History Museum is among one of the most frequented places by visitors within the country as well as from outside. The twin towers outside the museum make the museum look like a cathedral.

About the Natural History Museum in London

The Natural History Museum in London has two twin towers at the main entrance. The structure of the museum resembles a cathedral, for the sculptures and the frescoes. This is not the end to this great museum. You will be amazed to see the varieties of objects on display in the museum. For the convenience of the visitors, there are four zones in the Natural History Museum of London. Each zone has its own attractions.

The Green Zone deals with environment, life and the concept of evolution; while the Blue Zone concentrates on marine life majorly along with life of invertebrates and other species. There is also a Red Zone, where ample information can be gathered about our earth, its formation and the changes that are taking place in it. Last but not the least is the Orange Zone. This houses the Darwin Center and the Wildlife Garden. This zone remains open from April to October for visitors.

Timings of visiting the London Natural History Museum

The London Natural History Museum is a favorite destination for people involved in studying and research. Temporary exhibitions on various subjects are also held in the museum from time to time. The museum remains open on all days of the week from 1000hrs to 1750hrs. It remains closed from 24th-26th December. The museum does not charge any entry fee.

Travel in Style with Air Platinum Club Charts New Luxury Travel Concept

Have you ever dreamt of having a luxurious travelling experience in some of the best limousines, cruises or aircrafts? Your dream can now easily be fulfilled through the programs that are launched by the Air Platinum Club. The Club has launched these services in July and already attracted lot of attention and accolades for the same. It has become all the more popular as it has combined all modes of travelling via roadways, airways and waterways.

Facilities provided by the Air Platinum Club

Air Platinum club has given an absolutely new dimension to luxury travel. The club is based in Miami and offers exclusive services to its elite members. Members can choose from wide varieties of limousines, sports cars, yachts, private jets and many more. If you want to board the aircraft or the cruise, you will be given a special drive to the cruise or the aircraft in a chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce Phantom. But for that, you just need to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure after the check in and other baggage clearance formalities.

On paying additional charges, helicopter services are also available for connecting flights. If you wish to have a lavish gourmet spread while travelling, you can enjoy that too. The most interesting part about travelling with this club is that the rates that they charge for these exclusive travels and services are much below as compared to other charter rates. The levels of services and luxury offered are beyond words. Infact discounts will also be offered to members from time to time.

Offer for yacht and private jet owners

Fantastic offers are also given for private jet and yacht owners. Both brokerage and management services are offered from the APC for maintenance and operation of the jets and yachts. This also helps in earning a large amount of annual revenue.

Keeping some small things in mind will help in having a nice tour across the globe

Planning to travel abroad for quite some time? There are some things that you must keep in mind while planning the travel. These small tips can make a safe journey as well as protect you from various health hazards.

Medical services and check ups

Before traveling to distant lands, it is mandatory to get a thorough medical checkup done. This checkup should be done minimum six-eight weeks before the date of departure. Advice of doctors should also be followed and vaccinations taken if required. Some countries do not allow entry if people are not vaccinated properly. Prescriptions and medicines should be carried during the travel.

Talk regarding insurance and credit cards/ATM cards

Ensure that the insurance policies are all up to date for you. If possible try and carry a copy of the insurance policies. You can also scan and keep them in your e-mail, so that you can take a print out whenever required. Contact your bank and inform them about the overseas journey. They can advice on the use of credit card, debit cards and other forms of monetary transactions.

Little knowledge about the place of visit

If you are going on a long vacation to some particular place, it is best that you study about the place in details. This will give you a fair idea of the place, its attractions, means f transport and conveyance, lifestyle, culture etc. You can also gather knowledge about the various places of accommodation in the city.

Carrying minimum luggage

Carrying loads of luggage can be an extra burden. While travelling, carry minimum things that are absolutely necessary. This reduces burden and makes traveling much comfortable. You do not need to pay for extra luggage also.

Indulge in the luxuries of life while staying at the Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa in Cape Town

Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa is one of the most sought after accommodation destinations for the affluent visitors to Cape Town, South Africa. A 5-Star Hotel, Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa offers outstanding services and facilities to its guests. The opportunity of staying in a plush and lavish hotel like this can give you an experience of a lifetime.

Accommodation and Rooms in Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa

With 210 deluxe guest rooms, Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa offers excellent accommodation facilities to its guests. All the rooms are done in a state of the art fashion and have all the facilities that a 5-star hotel room should have. The colors, patterns and other arrangements are all done in sync with each other. On entering the rooms, you are sure to experience a homely a homely ambience.

Other facilities and amenities at Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa

Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa offers world class facilities and amenities for its guests. The roof of the hotel has a swimming pool and one can also get a panoramic view of the city from there. The beach club, the spa, the gymnasium, the bars, the restaurants, the cinema house are all present in the hotel premises. Hi-end conferencing services are also available there, in case you have a meeting at the hotel. The extensive lounge offers place to chill and relax for the visitors. The food in the restaurants at the Beach Club and also in the hotel is exotic. Punctual and responsible concierge services are also integral parts of the hotel services.

Location and Timing

The check in and checkout time at Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa are 1400 to 1500hrs and 1100hrs respectively. The address and contact details of the hotel are as follows:

Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa

Corner of Loop and Pepper Streets,

City Bowl, Cape Town, South Africa 8000

Contact Numbers: +27 (21) 812 8888, +27 (21) 812 8800

Travel in style and elegance with luxury chauffeur rental services

There is no person in this world, who does not want luxury and lavishness in life. Shelling out money can show the way to luxury easily. Many affluent people seek luxury chauffeur rental services for traveling from one place to the other. This not only makes a comfortable journey but also adds to the status symbol of the person.

Cars usually used in luxury rental services

All cars cannot be used in the luxury rental services. Usually, BMW, Maserati, Cadillac, Porsche, Bentley, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Viper, Ferrari, Corvette, Jaguar, Hummer etc are used. Apart from these, luxury SUVs are also used in the luxury rental services.

Enjoy royal treatment with luxury chauffeur rental services

How would you feel if you travel in a luxurious car with a chauffeur? He opens and closes the door of the car when you get in and come out. Not only that you get that much desired respect from the chauffeur. People stop and look at you and admire your status and dignity. Apart from enjoying a comfortable ride, the luxury chauffeur rental services also provide other facilities. You can enjoy some good wine or some tasty desserts on your drive. There is nobody who will not enjoy this royal treatment.

The privacy of an individual is also secured in luxury chauffeur rental services. With wonderful air conditioning, lavish seating arrangements and drinks and desserts on the offer, getting a drive in these luxury rental services is really a royal feeling. Many people have meetings in these setups while on the move. These services are hired when VIPs or celebrities are invited to a place. These services are also sought by opulent travelers and tourists.

Time for a break- Time to fly Majorca!

The world is becoming fast paced. Along with the quickly changing times everything else too is now with the same bullet speed; fast paced communication, changing business scenarios, transforming ideas and revolutionizing the money making process. Among this, often people tend to feel worn out and low on energy to work, to produce or put in concrete efforts. A much needed break is the right solution to rejuvenate. But people are so pressed for time that the break too is either put off or taken at a place that is within the reach.

Allowing you to come out of this vicious cycle is a group of islands in the blue, serene Mediterranean Sea called the Balearic Islands. These Balearic Islands have small and medium sized pearl like islands, which are a delight to its visitors. Among these pearls, the biggest island called the Majorca Island is a paradise on earth.  The sun shining brightly on the golden sands, the calm and tranquil blue waters perfectly contrasted with the hot and happening club life and night-life adds to the glitter and sheen of this beautiful island.

The island is perfect for various things. Being easily accessible by flights from the major European countries, you do not need to go out of your way to reach Majorca. Secondly apart from the various hotels and beach resorts, there are ample numbers of Majorca villas availableon rental basis. These villas are the best option if you are holidaying in a group as they are available at affordable rates and are comparatively cheap then the hotels and resorts. The advantage these villas have is that they are more personalised than the hotels but offer all the same facilities that a popular hotel or a resort could offer.  From gymnasium to a decent swimming pool and from the sea facing rooms to the garden for your children, these Majorcan villas are the best option a traveller could ask for to make his vacation a memorable yet an affordable one!


For further information about villas and home rentals in Majorca visit


Sightseeing in China


China is a vast country filled with incredible sights and beautiful natural landscapes. From the iconic Great Wall of China to the vibrant and chaotic streets of Shanghai, this nation always offers something breathtaking and fascinating to see. The ideal way to visit China on a sightseeing trip is to get flight Miles. These allow travellers to pay off travel costs and other expenses easily and conveniently. No sightseer should visit China without them. Here are just a few of the top sightseeing attractions and destinations in China.

The Great Wall of China

A Chinese icon and potent symbol of the country’s rich history, the Great Wall of China is one of the nation’s premier sightseeing attractions. The wall was built in phases starting in 221 BC and finally completed by the Ming Dynasty in 1644 as a way to defend China’s northern border from foreign invaders. Today, the wall sprawls across more than 3,800 miles and is one of the world’s greatest engineering feats. A must-see attraction for visitors, the iconic Great Wall of China is one of the country’s most fascinating and historic destinations.


The capital city of China, Beijing is home to a wealth of world-class museums, cultural institutions and ancient historic landmarks. The top attractions in this beautiful city include the Forbidden City, the home of the Imperial Court many centuries ago. Renowned for its stunning architecture and rich historical and cultural value, the Forbidden City is one of Beijing’s top attractions. Tiananmen Square forms the heart of Beijing and is an icon of the city while world-renowned museums like the Palace Museum, the National Museum and the Military Museum abound throughout the city. Other top attractions in Beijing include the Beijing Zoo and the beautiful Beihai Park.


China’s largest city and primary commercial hub is filled with sightseeing opportunities. This bustling city boasts attractions and landmarks like the Jade Buddha Temple, the Yuyuan Gardens, the Longua Temple and the fascinating Shanghai Museum. The city’s towering skyline is an attraction in and of itself. Shanghai also boasts a wealth of historic landmarks like The Bund, Old City and the bustling Nanjing Road.


This island province, located off the southern coast of China, is home to a wide array of gorgeous beaches and exotic tropical forests. Must-see attractions in Hainan include the South Mountain, Gusong Village and the beautiful city of Haikou.


Spend a Weekend in Singapore

A weekend break in Singapore offers shopping, relaxation and luxury. It has become the glamorous destination of Asia fusing a variety of cultures and is a great place to avail of your frequent flyer miles or a flight stopover. There are a number of excellent hotels to stay in which can be booked beforehand including the Pan Pacific with comfortable rooms and a swimming pool.  The Furama RiverFront is also a hotel in a great location near shopping centres and comes with a view of the Singapore River.  The Mandarin Hotel offers a little more luxury and excellent meals. With the possibility of booking in advance, it might be a good idea to compare credit cards before you visit.

To make the most of your short time in the city, here are some attractions to ensure you get an insight to the city and Singaporean life. The Chinese culture is extremely influential over the city. Chinatown is the traditional hub with temples, mosques and shops. A walk through Chinatown will also bring you across Club Street which is where the expats hangout; Tanjong Pagar which is the gay community hub and Smith Street which is great for outside dining.

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is a massive resort and casino with a 200 metre high boar shaped SkyPark on top of three 55 storey towers again offering amazing city views. There is also a 150 metre infinity pool which is currently the largest outdoor pool at that height. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the city.

The dining across the city is excellent. Flutes at the Fort, offers an old fashioned design and a modern Australian menu. It’s not the traditional Singaporean dining experience however it shows the influence of the expat community over the city. If you want something more traditional, the local favourites are chicken rice and chili crab, barbecued stingray and kangkong.

The Botanic Gardens is a national landmark and features a tropical rainforest which is among the only few pieces of original jungle on the island as well as an orchid garden with 100 species. The tallest trees in the gardens are 40 metres high. An adjacent ginger garden offers more than 250 species of plants. There is a waterfall and birds making it picturesque, tranquil and perfect for an early morning stroll. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is another nature hub whereby a stroll through will open your eyes to pythons, birds and macaques.

Eating Out In Singapore

Singapore is famous for its wide range of ethnic dishes. Many visiting the city enjoy the choice of cuisines from French cuisine to Chinese and Indian takeouts. Italian dishes are also popular, and you really should not leave without trying some of the local food. There is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

The guide below will familiarise you with the foods to be found in Singapore and some of top restaurants to visit.

If you are one to embrace the cultures and cuisines surrounding you, you will enjoy tasting local delicacies such as Satay (which is covered in meats such as chicken or lamb on skewers), and Char Kway Teow (sweet stir-fried flat rice noodles with cockles). It is also worth carrying a rewards credit card in case you can earn rewards points while you spend.

If on the other hand you would prefer some Western cuisine, some local cafes also serve filled sandwiches, pasta and pizza slices. This may be ideal if are travelling with young children or teenagers.

If you are a Chinese food lover Bak Kut Teh is a dish you may enjoy. With pork ribs soaked in a variety of herbs, mixed in a flavoured soup, this is one to satisfy the taste buds. This dish can be served with a choice of rice or salted vegetables.

Seafood dishes are popular amongst locals. Chilli Crab is cooked in thick chilli gravy and is served with Man – Tou (fried buns), perfect for dipping in the sauce. Other unusual seafood dishes include fish head curry and prawn mee (yellow noodles with prawn).

If you have a sweet tooth,Chai Tau Kway may fulfil your cravings. This fried carrot cake consists of radish, turnips and spring onions, drizzled in sweet sauce (definitely not a dish you will find in your local restaurants at home).  Ice Kachang (flavoured ice dessert) is enjoyed on hot days or warm evenings.

Some of the top restaurants to visit during your stay include 1- Twenty Six, A-Roy Thai and a3 Bistro & Bar.

1- Twenty Six caters for European tastes and serves seafood dishes. It oozes class with cream leather sofas, carved wooden tables and the finest cutlery. Whilst you are dining you can overlook the white beach ahead of you. This restaurant is perfect for celebrations such as birthdays and wedding proposals.

A- Roy Thai Restaurant provides top of the range food with fresh natural ingredients. It is inspired by Chinese/Thai cuisine and is perfect for light lunches and quick bites.


A3 Bistro & Bar caters for Italian food lovers and serves the freshest pizzas in Singapore. The staff are friendly and will make you feel at home. This restaurant is perfect for those travelling with a crowd of people or girly lunches.

Things to Know Before Visiting Disney World Florida

Is this your first time to be at Disney World Florida? Then you need all the preparation tips that you can get. It is a wonderful place to be in, and you will never forget it. However, you also should know that it can be a bit confusing, especially if you do not know how to go about it. Therefore, the first tip for you is that you should make a plan. And that is why you should let a travel agent do the booking for you because you can hardly arrange a plan if you know nothing about the destination. There are so many varieties and entertainment options such that it will be very hard for you to see everything, unless you have a plan.

Find out whether there is a way that you can be able to save money on your to Disney World Florida. That you would like to have some fun does not mean that you break the bank as you get it. Ask your travel agent whether there are any special offers or discounts going down so that you can use them. There are many packages for holidaymakers. Some of them are highly priced because they contain different features while some of them are lowly priced. However, the most important thing about them is that they will all take you to Disney. So find the package that best suits your pocket here.

What would you really like to do at Disneyworld Florida? First, you have to banish the misconception that this is an amusement park for teens and preteens. This is a place for everyone and you will be amazed that adults are kept as busy as the kids, if not even more. Or what would you think with five golf courses at your disposal, spas and shopping? While it is true that your kids will have more fun than you, you can hardly begrudge them that, can you? If you love food, then you will be happy to know that Disney loves to feed its visitors, kids as well as grownups. Their food themes are now winding away from the usual park fare to well planned meals. Though as little on the high side of cost, you will not go hungry here.

One of the reasons why you will want to visit Disney World Florida every year is that so many changes take place all the time. There are new additions that you will want to check out, which were not there the last time you visited. On all visits, you will have the time of your life.


Good reasons for booking a very last minute ski deal

Not sure if you will get a cheaper deal by booking early or last minute, well we have some advantages why it is better to go for a late ski holiday. It tends to be it is the extremely organised person or very un-organised people that take advantage of the discounts. If you are fairly organised you may be able to get a fantastic early bird deal, however you would need to think about the following season’s ski getaway before the current season has really started. Travel operators obtain considerably better discounts which tends to be passed onto the customer if they book well in advance however you have to second guess where the best snowfall will be. However, an early bird deal is better if you have to go on holiday at a specific time.

Acquire fantastic deals

By looking around for a last minute ski deal you can usually save a lot of money and more often than not there is a excellent selection of locations and bundles so getting one that will suits your needs is easy. Many of the ski holiday deals are for catered ski chalets; travel operators are dedicated to a specific chalet for the complete ski season and therefore will lower prices in order to make sure all the beds are taken. As the departure date approaches any money an operator is able to get for a chalet is a bonus and therefore they offer massively reduced prices.

Allows you to save up for your holiday

For skiers on a budget bagging a last minute ski holiday may be the only way they can go away. If you prefer to put aside money so you know what the spending budget is, a last minute ski deal could be just what you are looking for and if you get a holiday for less than your spending budget it can go towards next year’s ski holiday.

Explore the pistes hours after booking your holiday

Last minute ski holidays are fantastic for people who like to book their ski holiday and go because the idea is that you are able to book a holiday hours before its departure time. Some people favour booking a late deal so they don’t spend weeks ‘packing’ for their holiday, whereas for organised people a last minute deal could seem too unorganised. A number of the ski resorts in Austria are just a couple of hours away from England making them the ideal location for a short ski holiday.

Go to a resort with the best snow is

If you are in a position to book a late ski deal you are able to make sure you head to a ski resort with very good snow fall. By keeping an eye on snow reports you can pick to go wherever the most reliable snowfall is.

Enjoy with big 5 cape town safari deals


An enjoyable company along with a grand management can make a safari trip even more enjoyable. South Africa, the land with exciting safaris, can be even more enjoyable with big 5 cape town safaris. These safaris are arranged with great and exciting offers and most of the offers are made available to all the participants to these safaris. The best thing of these safaris in Cape Town in South Africa lies in the fact that most of these facilities make these trips greatly enjoyable for everyone.


The big 5 cape town safari can be availed in two forms, namely Day Safari and Overnight Safari. Though the facilities with these safaris are similar by nature, the overnight safaris are more exciting by nature as the participants get the rare opportunity to feel the best surroundings in their natural forms. The exciting offers which are provided with the big 5 cape town safari can be listed as below:


  •  The participants get best cocktails immediately on their arrival
  •  The nature of the food stuff served to them just before their departure on the safari is simply great
  •  They get the best South Africa dinner which is also the traditional dinner of the country
  •  The participants get the best and luxurious staying experience
  •  The presence of the best and rare animals in the forest increases the pleasure of all the visitors manifold
  •  The availability of all sorts of utility services have the capacity to satisfy the needs of all the visitors


As children are also included in the safari, so the needs of these little ones are also taken very good care of. The child entertainment area available at all the locations needs special mention as it is liked and preferred by every visitor.



How To Get the Flights to Gibraltar You Want Most


What characteristics make certain flights to Gibraltar more attractive options? There is no set answer to this question, as it will depend on the personal preferences of the individual. For some, having the ability to travel on a desirable date is an advantage, for others, it may be having the ability to travel during specific times of the day. What many consider an advantage is being able to pay less for flights.

Knowing what aspects of flying are most important to you will help you book the flight that will provide you with just what you want. Dates, times, and costs may not be the only considerations. If you wish to be on a flight that allows you to reserve your own specific seat, will provide you with refreshments, or offers in-flight movies, you should be able to have these things.

Shopping for flights to Gibraltar need not be a difficult process. Know what you want, and simply search for it. There are many flight options, and no reason why you should settle for anything but the best. That said, always be mindful of the fact that in order to access the largest number of options, start your travel search early on. Ideally, you should start your search as soon as you know your desired date of departure and date of return.



Top Five Surf Beaches In Thailand

Thailand is a travel destination that offers surfers remarkable beaches, comfortable ocean temperatures and challenging surf. About 10 years ago, Thailand was not a popular spot for the sport. However, the secret is out and surfers have discovered the benefits of visiting Thailand. The top five surfing spots include:

Nai Harn

The drive to Nai Harn beach is one of the most picturesque experiences for surfers to enjoy. The drive features a view of the coast along with the sight of additional beaches looking back toward Patong. Surfers will appreciate the quietness of Nai Harn beach in addition to the quality of the surf.

The comfortable Thailand weather will have visitors soaking in the sun while the southern ocean side of Nai Harn will keep expert surfers happy and the northern end will keep novices to the sport alive. Additional benefits are:

• Few tourists
• Yacht Club nearby for food and drinks

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is one of the most popular surfing areas in Thailand. In fact, the beach hosted a surfing contest from 1999 to 2003. The area is often crowded due to its fame, but the surfers are generally friendly and welcome visitors to their beach. The surf at Kata Beach is perfect for surfers just starting out in the sport along with more experienced surfing enthusiasts. Additional features include:

• Shopping
• Restaurants
• Friendly locals

Surin Beach

Experienced surfers will want to spend time in the water at Surin Beach. The Thailand location features some of the biggest surfing in the area. Moreover, surfers should be careful of the large rocks that are set in the ocean. Generally, the rocks can be viewed and often create an extra challenge for surfers.

Hungry visitors have access to numerous Thai beach-styled small restaurants with menu items featuring seafood while the Thailand weather will ensure a comfortable visit. Other benefits of Surin Beach include:

• Budget friendly accommodations
• Laid back environment

Kamala Beach

Surfers will recognize Kamala Beach from the casuarina and coconut trees lining the edges of the locale. The area still retains its small fishing village environment, but surfers can easily find businesses offering drinks in addition to multiple restaurants.

Surfing enthusiasts will appreciate the consistency of the waves that measure from one half to three meters. Furthermore, large waves are often on site. Extra features of Kamala Beach are:

• Point break surf conditions
• Numerous bars for a fun night out

Nai Yang Beach

Surfers may have to arrive early for the best waves, but Nai Yang Beach often delivers crystal clear clean waves that run for a long stretch. However, surfers should plan on paddling a good distance to reach the best conditions. Enthusiasts who take the risk may be rewarded with fun banks and unexpected peaks. More positive features of Nai Yang Beach include:

• Beach camping for additional money savings
• Possible turtle sightings

An ideal surfing vacation is waiting for travelers to Thailand as visitors will have access to classic palm tree lined beaches, amazing surf conditions and a budget friendly environment.

EI Cid Vacations Are Simply The Best

Everyone wants to get a good break from the hectic and stressful work schedule and want to spend some quality time with friends and family. Everyone in the family wants to enjoy and make their vacations memorable. A unique and true vacation is El Cid Vacation. In this vacation you will feel that the money you had spent is worthy of it. This particular place is an implausible destination especially for people who look out for some special enjoyment and it provides varieties of exciting activities also. Your mind as well as body will be engaged in most exciting and thrilling activities throughout your vacation. Mexico, England and Spain are the places which nobody wants to miss.


Through these vacations, you are going to come across a package of exceptional gateway, which encourages you to travel to unpopular paths. You cannot use the term boring at any cost as a new world will be opened up for you with its spectacular locations that have ample scope for all kinds of activities.  You are also free to participate in any activity of your choice. If you are in search for thrilling actions of water, this vacation is the right place. Nature can also be appreciated through this holiday. Water thrilling activities include adventures of rafting as well as diving and snorkeling along with tours of hiking and walking.


El Cid Vacation is a combo pack of all these daring actions. Rafting can be enjoyed in an inflatable boat amidst the powerful waves of white water. If you want to explore the secrets of water then adventure of diving and snorkeling is best for you. Valuable treasures of nature are hidden beneath the sea in distinct caves of underwater and you can witness these amazing scenes of nature.  Even hiking lovers can enjoy their holiday in their own style. You can also take tours in the fields of wildflowers as well as dense forests.


These exciting activities surely will enable you to get an amazing experience that can be cherished throughout your life. Wedding is one of the important events in our lives and people who like beach wedding can also turn their dream into reality through El Cid Vacation. El Cid Vacation gives splendid packages of wedding that makes any couple fall in love again. EI Cid La Ceiba Beach in Cozumel Island is one of the beaches that are perfect for dream wedding.


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